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Old Pine Guitar (Fingerstyle) Lesson

Ben Howard





C, G, C, G, G, C


5th fret




F major

Old Pine was written by English singer-songwriter Ben Howard in 2011 and appears on his debut album ‘Every Kingdom’. A few lessons back we learnt how to play Keep Your Head Up by Howard, and although Old Pine has its challenges it’s not quite as hard to play you’ll be pleased to hear. The right hand doesn’t have to work as hard and the tempo is considerably slower, and there’s not that really awkward ‘pick and go’ technique that he applies to so many of his songs.

Howard is big fan of alternate tunings and so the very first thing you must do is tune to C, G, C, G, G, C and then place a capo on the 5th fret. Once that’s in place you’re good to go and you can start learning the song.

Learn To Play Old Pine


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The key thing to master with the intro is getting all the notes to really ring into one another so make sure that you don’t accidentally knock a string and mute it. Another thing you can try and get in (that’s not on the tab) is the subtle slides he does on the high E string when he’s descending through the intro chords, listen out for it on the record.

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Lesson Part 2

On to the second part now. It’s still challenging but I’m sure you’re capable of getting it down!

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