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Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton – Guitar Lesson and TAB

Eric Clapton







77 BPM


A major

This is the full guitar lesson for Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.

Tears in Heaven was written by Eric Clapton in 1992 after his son tragically fell from a New York apartment window and died. The songs appears on the album ‘Rush’ and went on to win 3 grammy awards.

This is a truly moving and beautiful song and should beĀ approached with care and great respect. It’s not overly complicated to play but it certainly has its difficulties; one of the main problems you may run into is separating the bass notes from the higher register strings. Pay close attention to the role of the thumb and try to get it played as accurately as possible.

Let’s start learning how to play Tears in Heaven!

Learn To Play Tears In Heaven


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How to Play Tears in Heaven

OK let’s get into the lesson. One of the difficulties with Tears in Heaven is getting the bass line in sync with the higher strings, so really take your time with it and if you focus on your accuracy over your speed you’ll have everything flowing together in no time.

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Taking It One Step Further

If you want to add in some of the licks from the 2nd guitar parts, then have a go at this lesson.

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