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How to Play May You Never by John Martyn on Guitar with TAB

John Martyn





Dropped D


2nd fret

This is the full guitar lesson for May You Never by John Martyn.

Martyn recorded May You Never in 1972 and the song was released on his classic album Solid Air (1973). It quickly became one of Martyn’s best-known and loved songs, and for good reason – it’s a brilliantly crafted, timeless folk song.

It’s certainly pretty tricky to play as his guitar playing is very nuanced throughout the song. Having said that, it’s really worth the effort to learn because it just feels so good under your fingers once you’ve got it down!

OK, let’s get into the lesson!

Learn To Play May You Never


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May You Never Guitar Lesson (Part One)

If you’re not used to this style of playing then it can be quite tricky to get comfortable with the percussive element. As always, just go very slowly and you will get there with practice and a little patience.

In this lesson we cover the bulk of the song.

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May You Never Guitar Lesson (Part Two)

Hopefully you didn’t struggle too much with the first lesson. You’ve certainly done the vast majority of the hard work now, there’s just a few extra twists and turns for you to learn to complete the song.

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