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Guaranteed (Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson)

Eddie Vedder





100 BPM


G minor

This is the full guitar lesson for Guaranteed from “Into The Wild”.

Guaranteed appears in the hit film ‘Into the Wild’ and was written by Eddie Vedder (the singer of Pearl Jam). This song is great fun to play and not too tricky to master; so long as you get the fingerpicking pattern right, the rest should fall into place nicely.

The right-hand pattern is exactly the same one that is used in Kansas’ song Dust in the Wind. It’s a very popular one that you simply have to know as it appears on many songs.

Alright, let’s start learning how to play Guaranteed!

Learn To Play Guaranteed


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Guaranteed Guitar Lesson

The chord changes in Guaranteed aren’t too hard either, there’s no barre chords to contend with and no big stretches to worry about. As long as you’re OK with your standard open position chords, then any chords that are new to you here shouldn’t require too much strenuous work.

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