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Dust in the Wind by Kansas Guitar Lesson and TAB








94 BPM


C major

This is the full guitar lesson for Dust in the Wind by Kansas.

This song was written by band member Kerry Livgren and it appears on Kansas’ 1977 album Point of Know Return. The song went on to reach the number 6 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The great thing about Dust in the Wind is that it’s basically the same fingerpicking pattern played throughout the whole song, this really helps to develop consistency and accuracy in your picking hand. Also, if you’re wanting to increase your chord vocabulary then it’s also great because it uses tons of simple chord variations.

Ok, let’s start learning how to play Dust in the Wind!

Learn To Play Dust in the Wind


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Dust in the Wind Guitar Lesson

In this lesson we’ll learn how to play the whole song from start to finish. Let’s jump in and have some fun, remember to really take your time and to not rush the learning process.

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