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Driving Home For Christmas Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Chris Rea







180 BPM


A major

Written in 1988 by Chris Rea, Driving Home for Christmas is a timeless classic. This isn’t the easiest song to play but it certainly is a lot of fun! So buckle up (pun intended) and let’s learn it!

Learn To Play Driving Home For Christmas

Driving Home For Christmas - Performance

Here’s a quick demo of Driving Home For Christmas, be sure to refer back to it as you learn the arrangement to make sure you’re playing it correctly.


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Driving Home For Christmas - Intro

Let’s jump right in! The intro is predominantly an A and a D chord but it uses variations of each chord to really add that Christmassy sound that you hear throughout the song. It’s good to know that the intro uses exactly the same chords as the verse.

Driving Home for Christmas - First Verse

The chords are the same as the intro so here you just need to learn how to add in the melody line.

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Driving Home for Christmas - Chorus

In this section of the song there’s a new chord progression to learn, which is slightly more involved than that in the intro/verse. This section uses a lot of barre chords.

Driving Home for Christmas - Bridge

There’s just the bridge to tackle now. Hopefully you’re OK with the other sections by this point so this part will come easily to you.

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