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Walk, Don’t Run (The Ventures) – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson and TAB

The Ventures






This is the full fingerstyle guitar lesson for Walk, Don’t Run.

This song was written by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith in 1954. Chet Atkins covered it soon after in 1956 and then The Ventures recorded their version of it in 1960, and it’s this version that this fingerstyle arrangement is based on.

This is a pretty trick song to play and I’d say is best suited to the accomplished intermediate to advanced fingerpicker.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Walk, Don’t Run!

Learn To Play Walk, Don't Run


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Walk, Don't Run (Performance)

As you learn to play this fingerstyle arrangement of Walk, Don’t Run, be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.

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Walk, Don't Run Guitar Lesson

In this lesson we learn how to play the whole song from start to finish. There are many twists and turns to navigate and a lot of fun to be had. As always, take your time and try not to rush the learning process.

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