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Toulumne (Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson) with TABS

Eddie Vedder







110 BPM


C major

This is the full guitar lesson for Toulumne from Into The Wild.

Toulumne was written by Eddie Vedder as part of the sound track to the film ‘Into The Wild’. The song is just 1 minute long and consists of just one acoustic guitar gently fingerpicking through a very simple but very effective chord progression.

The song uses a common right hand fingerpicking pattern throughout and has some very subtle and clever nuances in it. It’s easy to miss these and to just play the pattern over and over, but you’ll learn all these little changes in the video lesson.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Toulumne!

Learn To Play Toulumne


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Toulumne Guitar Lesson

One of the tricky things about playing Toulumne is the speed, it can be hard to cram in all the sixteenth notes into each beat. My advice (as always) is to take it slowly, to work on getting all the notes played as well as you possibly can and then to gradually start picking up the tempo. Try it along with a metronome to help you develop good timing and to track your progress.

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