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The Scientist by Cold Play Guitar Lesson – Easy Fingerstyle Arrangement








2nd fret (optional)


72 BPM

This is the full guitar lesson for The Scientist by Coldplay.

Coldplay released this beautiful song in 2002 and it then went on to reach number 10 in the UK and 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. To this day The Scientist remains one of the band’s most known and loved songs.

It’s a simple song with a strong melody and a straightforward chord progression. Therefore, with all these things combined it makes for a great fingerstyle arrangement that’s perfect for beginner fingerpickers.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play The Scientist!

Learn To Play The Scientist

The Scientist Performance

Here’s a trimmed down performance of The Scientist. Use it as a guide to help you learn how to play the song.


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The Scientist Guitar Lesson

In this video all the sections of the song are covered and once you’ve learnt them you just need to jigsaw it all together. I’ve put a capo on the 2nd fret, but this is completely optional and you can place it wherever you want or not use one at all.

Intro: 0:40, Verse: 4:05, Chorus: 7:41, Outro: 15:32

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