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Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel Guitar Lesson and TAB

Peter Gabriel







2nd fret


102 BPM


A major (A without a capo, B with)

Solsbury Hill was written by English musician Peter Gabriel in 1977. The song was Gabriel’s debut single after leaving the progressive rock band Genesis, of which he was the lead singer.

In this lesson we’re going to be learning how to play Solsbury Hill in full on the guitar. It can be quite a challenging song to play at first and I’d say that it’s a great one to learn if you’re a confident intermediate player.

It’s pretty fast moving with lots going on in the picking hand and plenty of fast changing chords to navigate. Whilst this makes things pretty complicated at times, it also makes for a lot of fun once you’ve mastered it.

Let’s get learning Solsbury Hill!

Structure: Intro, Verse, Interlude, Verse, Interlude, Verse, Outro

Learn To Play Solsbury Hill


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Main Progression/Riff Lesson for Solsbury Hill

Solsbury Hill is largely in 7/4 time (other than the final two bars of the verse which are in 4/4). It’s good to know this from the get go otherwise it may well catch you out and you might struggle to find the pulse of the song. Take your time and really make sure all the notes are lined up correctly before bringing the tempo up.

Verse Lesson (Part 1)

The verse of Solsbury Hill is long and it can be hard to navigate at times. So I’ve divided it into two parts to help simplify the learning process. In this first lesson we learn how to play just the first few chords.

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Verse Lesson (Part 2)

The second half of the verse is probably a little more demanding than the first. Whilst the fingerpicking patterns are more or less the same, there are more chords to learn and to quickly switch between. This is especially true in the last bar of the verse where you have to play one chord per beat. Also remember here that the last two bars flip from 7/4 to 4/4 time.

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