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Shape of My Heart (Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson)









Shape of My Heart was written by Sting and his long-term guitarist Dominic Miller in 1993. It appears on his album Ten Summoner’s Tales and was featured in the hit film Léon, released in 1994. The song was created by Miller writing the stunning guitar riff and Sting then adding the lyrics later on. Shape of My Heart is reasonably difficult to play, with the trickiest part to master being the chords. Miller has used quite big grips and you have to stretch your hand a fair amount to reach the notes. So expect a little bit of arm ache if you’re not used to this!

Alright, let’s start learning how to play Shape Of My Heart.

Learn To Play Shape of My Heart


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Shape Of My Heart Guitar Lesson

There’s really just two parts to Shape of My Heart. There’s a verse, which is the same as the chorus, and an instrumental that’s the same as the verse and chorus but in a different key. Although it has just two parts to it, the song uses rich and sophisticated chords so it never sounds repetitive in any way.

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Shape Of My Heart Guitar Lesson (Part 2)

The only other section of Shape Of My Heart is the instrumental part. Here you’re more or less following the exact same progression as the verse but now you’re in the key C# minor.

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