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Road Trippin’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers – Guitar Lesson and TAB

Red Hot Chilli Peppers





101 BPM


E minor

This is the full guitar lesson for Road Trippin’.

Road Trippin’ appears on the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s greatly successful album ‘Californiacation’. The song was released as their fifth and final single from the album and although it didn’t reach the top of charts in most countries, it did make it to number one in Poland.

Despite this, the song has gone on to be widely successful, very well-known and an immensely popular one to learn among intermediate fingerpicking guitarists.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Road Trippin’!

Learn To Play Road Trippin'


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Road Trippin' Guitar Lesson - Intro/Verse

The intro/verse is really just three chords – Em, C and B. The trickiest part to really anchor down is the thumb, if you can get that down the rest should come reasonably easily. Therefore, I recommend isolating the thumb first, getting the rhythm of it really secure and then bring in the remaining notes.

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How to Play the Chorus

Let’s now have a look at the chorus.

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