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Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac – Fingerstyle Arrangement (Guitar Lesson with TABS)

Fleetwood Mac







126 BPM


Am minor

This is the full fingerstyle guitar lesson for Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.

Rhiannon was written by Stevie Nicks in 1975. The song appears on Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album ‘Fleetwood Mac’ and was released as a single in ’76. It went on to reach number 11 in the USA and has become one of the band’s best known songs.

The most important thing to achieve when playing this arrangement is being 100% true to the melody line of the song. As you learn Rhiannon, really focus on getting that just right.

OK, let’s start learning how to play Rhiannon!

Learn To Play Rhiannon


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Rhiannon Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

The main riff to Rhiannon is a real classic among guitarists; it’s great fun to play and sounds so good. However, I have seen so many people play it incorrectly.┬áIf you listen carefully to the riff you’ll hear that the bass notes aren’t just playing on each beat. They’re actually quite syncopated, and this is what many people get wrong. All will be taught in the video lesson.

How to Play The Verse

Onto the verse now and here we have a relatively simple alternating bass with the melody simultaneously being played on top.

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How to Play The Chorus

The chorus is likely a little harder than the verse but it’s well worth the extra work as it’s a lot of fun to play once you’ve mastered it.

How to Play The Bridge

There’s just the bridge left to learn now and if you’re OK with the rest of the song then you shouldn’t struggle too much here.

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