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How to Play Old Friend by Chris Murrin – Guitar Lesson and TAB

Chris Murrin







3rd fret

This is the full guitar lesson Old Friend by Chris Murrin.

This is a song I wrote for my Dad after he lost a good friend of his. Although it’s a relatively simple song to play it’s still poignant and moving. It’s one of those song that I can play all day long and not tire of it, so I hope that you enjoy learning it as much as I enjoy playing it.

OK, let’s learn how to play Old Friend!

Learn To Play Old Friend


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Old Friend Performance

As you learn to play Old Friend, be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.

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Old Friend Guitar Lesson

The G to the Cm6(Maj7) chord is really what makes this song resonate, the Cm6(Maj7) adds instability, while the tonic chord G pulls everything back home to comfort.

Other than a bit of a stretch in the final chorus, there’s no great big chords to deal with and there’s no crazy techniques going on. Just traditional playing that relies on good chords and a strong melody line to do the heavy lifting. So even if you’re not that great a player just yet, you should still be able to enjoy learning this one.

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