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Never Going Back Again – Guitar Lesson (TABS)

Fleetwood Mac





D, A, D, G, B, E


4th fret


88 BPM


F# major

Never Going Back Again was written by Lindsey Buckingham in 1976 for Fleetwood Mac’s hugely successful album ‘Rumours’. The song is well-known across the globe but is a particular favourite amongst fingerpickers like you and I.

Buckingham has an incredible right hand picking technique that really takes some work to get comfortable with. If you’ve not played this style of fingerpicking before you may struggle to get it up to speed, therefore I strongly recommend going very slowly and gradually increasing the tempo.

Learn To Play Never Going Back Again


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Lesson 1

Perhaps learn the chord shapes first, then just the bass notes (E, A and D strings), then just the higher strings (G, B and D). Once you can do those three things comfortably, slowly start putting it all together.

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Lesson 2

Take the same approach to learning this section as you did for the previous part.

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