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Neon (Live Version) by John Mayer Full Guitar Lesson and TABS

John Mayer





C, A, D, G, B, E


Around 106 BPM


C minor

Neon was written in the mid to late ’90s and first appeared on John Mayer’s 1999 EP ‘Inside Wants Out’. However, the song first became well-known on his hugely successful album ‘Room for Squares’ (2001).

In this lesson we’re going to be looking at the live version of the Neon, taken from his 2007 live album ‘Where The Light Is’.

This is not a song for beginners by any means – there’s a huge amount to learn and so many techniques you need to know. So buckle up and prepare yourself for a little frustration as you learn to master this brilliant, but very complicated, song.

Learn To Play Neon


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Intro (Part 1)

Let’s start off with the jaw dropping intro John Mayer does on the live recording of Neon.

If you’re up for a guitar challenge then this is it, it really is very hard and will require a lot of practice and technical ability. There’s so much great stuff to learn here that you can rob and put in your own playing.

Intro (Part 2)

It doesn’t get much easier here I’m afraid.

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The Riff

The majority of the song is played between the thumb and first finger. You will likely find this a very bizarre technique if you’ve not done it before.


Don’t feel as though you have to play this note-for-note, as I’m sure John Mayer mixes things up every time he plays Neon.

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Some pretty awkward chords for the chorus here. Find which fingerings work best for you and watch your timing as you work your way through the progression.


Finally we have the bridge to look at. Watch out for the crazy triplet runs at the end!

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