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Naked as We Came (Guitar Lesson)

Iron and Wine







2nd Fret

Naked as We Came was written by American singer-songwriter Samuel Beam, more commonly known as Iron & Wine. The song is taken from his studio album ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’ which was released in 2004. This song isn’t too difficult to play and thankfully is only made up of two parts – a verse and a chorus. This is a great one to learn if you’re still reasonably new to fingerpicking as there are no difficult barre chords to deal with and the righthand fingerpicking pattern is the same throughout the whole song.

Before you start to learn this song, make sure that you’ve down tuned your low E string to D and that you have put the capo on the second fret.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Naked as We Came!

Learn To Play Naked as We Came


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Naked as We Came Guitar Lesson

Really take your time when you first start learning this song. It’s quite demanding on the thumb so you really want to go slow and make sure that you’re playing all the strings in the correct order. Once you start feeling as though you’re beginning to get it down, gradually start to bring up the tempo.

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