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Lewis & Clark by Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson and TAB

Tommy Emmanuel







2nd fret


100 BPM


E minor without a capo (F# minor with)

This is the full guitar lesson for Lewis & Clark by Tommy Emmanuel.

This is such a great song and tons of fun to play on the guitar. Being a Tommy Emmanuel song, it’s not one for the beginner fingerpicker but it’s actually one of his easier songs to play. The chords are pretty straightforward throughout and there’s not too many sections to navigate.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Lewis & Clark!

Learn To Play Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Performance

As you learn to play Lewis & Clark be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.


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Lewis & Clark Guitar Lesson - Intro

First off let’s dive into the beautiful and haunting intro of Lewis & Clark. I’d say that this is probably the hardest section of the song to play. When watching Tommy play it live I’ve noticed that he improvises and often changes it from the original recording, so do bear that in mind as you learn it – it’s probably OK to make some small changes so long as you don’t go too far off track.

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How to Play the Verse

OK, let’s jump into the verse now. This section follows a very simple chord progression but there’s plenty going on in the fingerpicking hand.

How to Play the Chorus

There’s just the chorus to learn now. There is one particularly tricky part in this section involving a finger bending the wrong way to fret a note. I’m sure you’ll see exactly what I’m talking abut pretty quickly.

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