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Last Christmas by Wham! Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson and TAB

George Michael







110 BPM


D major

Last Christmas was written in 1984 by George Michael and is one of the most successful Christmas songs released in the ’80s.

This fingerstyle arrangement is pretty demanding to play, but once you start to master all the subtle techniques it becomes a great deal of fun. It’s really one to impress your friends and family with!

Learn To Play Last Christmas


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Last Christmas - Performance

Here’s a quick demo of Last Christmas, be sure to refer back to it as you learn the arrangement to make sure you’re playing it correctly.

Last Christmas - Lesson 1

This arrangement jumps straight into the chorus so in this lesson we learn how to tackle that first section. Thankfully the entire song is just four chords, which takes a little pressure off the mind and allows you to focus more on the melody line. Familiarise yourself with the chords first and then jump into the melody.

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Last Christmas - Bridge

Remember that this song should be played lightly, don’t be too aggressive on the strings and really let them ring into each other to get the best results.

Last Christmas - First Verse

The light strums run throughout the whole song and land on the counts of 2 and 4. Gently strum (roughly) the G and B strings on these two counts.

Last Christmas  - Second Verse

This one is similar to the last verse but the melody has changed a little.

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