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Jingle Bell Rock Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Bobby Helms







118 BPM


D major

This classic Christmas song was written by Bobby Helms in 1957 and it will almost certainly be a song you stumble upon at Christmas time. It’s received frequent radio play each year for over 60 years now and shows no sign of letting up.

Learn To Play Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock - Performance

Here’s a quick demo of Jingle Bell Rock, be sure to refer back to it as you learn the arrangement to make sure you’re playing it correctly.


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Jingle Bell Rock - Intro

Let’s jump into Jingle Bell Rock – a real classic and an awful lot of fun to play. Watch out as there’s some pretty tricky chords to grip at times and they move by at quite a speed. So practise nice and slowly to make sure you’re playing accurately. If you do that, you’ll have this song sounding amazing in no time!

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Jingle Bell Rock - Verse

Moving into the verse now and make sure to get the chord progression down before you tackle the melody.

Jingle Bell Rock - Bridge

Let’s take a look at how to play the bridge now.

Jingle Bell Rock - 2nd/3rd Verse

Hopefully you were OK with the first verse, so let’s look at the next two.

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