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Is There Anybody Out There? by Pink Floyd Guitar Lesson and TAB

Pink Floyd







119 BPM


A minor

Is There Anybody Out There? is on Pink Floyd’s hugely successful album ‘The Wall’. It’s a beautiful, haunting song that’s fantastic for fingerstyle players to learn. In this lesson we’re going to be learning this fine song from start to finish.

Is There Anybody Out There? was played on a nylon strung guitar for the recording, which gives it a smooth and warm tone, but it works just as well on a steel strung guitar.

Let’s start learning how to play Is There Anybody Out There?

Learn To Play Is There Anybody Out There?


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Is There Anybody Out There? Guitar Lesson

The entire of the first section of Is There Anybody Out There? is based around an A minor chord. The higher notes are constantly being arpeggiated and the bass notes are frequently changing on the bottom. Due to the moving bass line, some of the chords can be a little hard to grip, just hang in there and you’ll get it!

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