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How to Play In Spite of Ourselves by John Prine – Guitar Lesson and TAB

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This is the full guitar lesson for how to play In Spite of Ourselves.

This song was written by John Prine and appears on his 1999 album In Spite of Ourselves. It was sung as a duet with Iris DeMent and is probably his most well known song.

It’s a love song about two people, how they find their imperfections endearing and, in spite of all of those imperfections, they still really love each other. It’s a joy to play and of course perfect if you have a companion to sing it with, if you want to improve your fingerpicking, or if you just enjoy the song!

OK, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play In Spite of Ourselves!

Learn To Play In Spite of Ourselves


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In Spite of Ourselves Guitar Lesson

There’s actually two guitars being played throughout this song, one is being lightly strummed and the other is being fingerpicked throughout. It’s much easier to strum your way through all the chords but of course I encourage you to have a go at all the fingerpicking as it’s just so much fun to play! In the lesson I show you how to play both guitar parts.


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