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Hurt Guitar Lesson (Johnny Cash) – Intermediate Fingerstyle

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This is the full fingerstyle guitar lesson for Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt.

Hurt was originally written by Trent Reznor for the band ‘Nine Inch Nails’ in 1994. In 2002 Johnny Cash covered the song and it ended up as his last big hit before his death in 2003.

Cash’s cover of Hurt has sold well in excess of 2,000,000 downloads in the US alone and continues to be a song that is frequently covered by many artists.

This is an intermediate level arrangement of Hurt. If you want to learn how to play the song as played by Cash then check out this alternative lesson of Hurt.

Alright, let’s start learning how to play Hurt!

Learn To Play Hurt

Hurt (Performance)

As you learn to play this fingerstyle arrangement of Hurt, be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.


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Hurt Guitar Lesson

OK let’s now get into the lesson. Hurt follows a very simple chord progression and structure throughout but this arrangement can still be quite tricky at times. It’s best suited to the intermediate player or advancing beginner.

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Hurt Guitar Lesson (Part 2)

Hopefully you were OK with the first tutorial, now let’s learn how to play the chorus of the song!

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