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Detectorists Theme Guitar Lesson and TABs

Johnny Flynn







2nd fret


E major (with capo)

Detectorists is a hugely popular British TV series about the lives of two eccentric metal detectorists who spend their days looking for ancient treasure in the English countryside, hoping to find the fortune of a lifetime.

It just so happens that Detectorists has a great theme song and, fortuitously for us, it happens to be a fingerstyle one. As a fan of the show, I’ve been looking forward to making a lesson on this quant little song for a while.

At first listen you might think that Detectorists would be a piece of cake to play, but you’ll likely find a few parts trickier than they sound. Having said that, if you’re around the intermediate mark you shouldn’t struggle too much.

Let’s get on with the lesson!

Learn To Play Detectorists

Detectorists (Performance)

As you learn to play Detectorists, be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.


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Lesson 1

In this first lesson we look at the intro to Detectorists and the beginning section of the verse. The song’s structure is reasonably simple but it is a little peculiar so make sure you listen to it to really get a good grip on all the twists and turns.

Lesson 2

This section is pretty straightforward, providing your barre chords are in good shape. Although you’re only playing a few chords, there are many quick changes between them.

Already mastered the basics?

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Lesson 3

This section of the song is quite demanding but very fun to play once mastered. Again, you’re really playing through the chords at quite a pace here, so take your time and focus on accuracy over speed.

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