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Dear Prudence by The Beatles Guitar Lesson and TAB

The Beatles





Drop D - D A D G B E


D Major

This is the full guitar lesson for Dear Prudence by The Beatles.

Dear Prudence is the perfect fingerpicking song for someone that wants to break out from playing beginner tunes. What makes this song harder than all the ones we’ve covered so far is the alternating bass. In Dear Prudence your thumb bounces between the bottom three strings throughout the entire piece, and if you’ve not done that before you will likely often find yourself playing the wrong bass note. If you are new to this technique then I strongly recommend starting with just the bass line and getting that secure first. Then, once you’re OK with that, bring in the top three strings.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Dear Prudence!

Learn To Play Dear Prudence


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Dear Prudence - Lesson One

Let’s get into it! There’s a lot of chord movement in Dear Prudence and visualising each change will require dedicated practice. This is especially true in the intro and outro as the chords descend down the entire fretboard, creating new shapes every time. It sounds amazing but it is difficult.

Dear Prudence - Lesson Two

The verse has a repeating descending bass line constantly playing over the chords, and the notes of C and Bb in that line aren’t diatonic to the key of D major. This creates some harmonic tension and resolve and makes the verse very interesting – it keeps the listener on edge.

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Dear Prudence - Lesson Three

The only remaining part of Dear Prudence is the bridge.

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