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Comfortably Numb By Pink Floyd – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson and TAB

Pink Floyd







2nd fret

This is the full fingerstyle guitar lesson for Comfortably Numb.

Roger Waters and David Gilmour wrote Comfortably Numb in the late ’70s and the song appears on Pink Floyd’s classic album The Wall. The song quickly became one of the bands best-known and loved songs.

As this arrangement is intermediate level, I’ve left out Gilmour’s epic guitar solo.

Alright, let’s pick up our guitars and learn how to play Comfortably Numb!

Learn To Play Comfortably Numb


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Comfortably Numb Guitar Lesson

In this first lesson we learn how to play the verse of Comfortably Numb. This section is quite stripped back, not to hard to play but still sounds great.

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Comfortably Numb Guitar Lesson (Part Two)

Hopefully you were OK with the first lesson, now let’s learn how to play the chorus. This section is a little busier and for that reason it’ll be a little more challenging than the verse.

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