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Careless Whisper (George Michael) – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

George Michael







2nd fret



This is the full fingerstyle guitar lesson for Careless Whisper.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley co-wrote Careless Whisper in the early ’80s and the song was then recorded and released in 1984. It was a chart topping success and went on to reach the number one spot in multiple countries. To this day it remains as one of George Michael’s best-known and loved songs.

Alright, let’s start learning how to play Careless Whisper!

Learn To Play Careless Whisper

Careless Whisper Performance

As you learn to play this fingerstyle arrangement of Careless Whisper, be sure to frequently return to the performance as a good reference point and guide.


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Careless Whisper Guitar Lesson (Part 1)

OK let’s get into it! In this lesson we cover the classic sax hook and the first verse. Whilst the chord progression that runs throughout Careless Whisper is really simple, the melody is pretty complex and therefore this arrangement can be quite demanding at times. Whilst it can be a little hard to play in places, it’s unbelievably fun once you’ve mastered it.

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Careless Whisper (Part 2 - the Chorus)

Hopefully you were OK with the first tutorial, now let’s continue and learn how to play the chorus.

Careless Whisper (Part 3 - 2nd Verse)

Immediately after the second chorus there is a short four bar interlude which is covered in this lesson. Then you’re into the 2nd verse, which is similar to the first but the melody is slightly different at times.

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Careless Whisper (Part 4 - the Bridge)

There’s just the bridge to learn now and if you were OK with the rest of the song you shouldn’t struggle with this part too much.

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