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How to Play Blackbird by The Beatles – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson and TAB

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This is the full guitar lesson for Blackbird by The Beatles.

Blackbird was written by Paul McCartney in 1968 and appears on The Beatles’ The White Album. McCartney has stated that the inspiration for the song was hearing a blackbird singing whilst practising transcendental meditation in India, and from the troubled state of race relations in United States at the time.

This song is a very popular one to learn for virtually all acoustic guitarists, and for good reason. It’s a song that isn’t too tricky to play and sounds fantastic even without the lyrics. It’s perfect for the intermediate fingerpicker.

Let’s starting learning how to play Blackbird!


Learn To Play Blackbird


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Blackbird Guitar Lesson

Take the time to really master the picking hand technique that’s used throughout Blackbird. It’s a kind of hybrid strum/fingerpicking technique that is quite tricky to get to grips with initially. I go into more detail about strumming and fingerpicking simultaneously in The Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Intermediate Level.

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